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Tradeshow Giveaways
Things to remember for your next Tradeshow...
Traffic Generators:
Trade Show Giveaways
Raffle Box


Provide free carry bags that have your logo on them, after collecting lots of brochures around the trade show, most people are usually looking for something to put them in , and even if they put other companies brochures in your bags, your name printed on the side of the bags , will then be seen , all over the conference area
Stands and display:
Banner Stands ( compact or easy to assemble pull up styles )
Business card / Brochure Holders

Don’t forget to have lots of business cards and brochures available




Suitable music




Attractive table covers


Spare light bulbs


Take a step back and look at your display, from the perspective of a customer, does it look professional and inviting, is the lighting suitable,  and is there room to move and not too cramped for yourself and your customers.

» Sometimes you can get really busy, so a Television powerpoint presentation of your products and services is a great way to occupy clients , while they are waiting to talk with your sales staff.
Personal items:
» Breath Mints

Light Snacks

» Bottled Water
» Moisturizer
» Comfortable shoes
» Jacket
Handy Stationery Items:

Multi Tool / Pen knife




Velcro strips


Blu tak

» Sticky Tape

Note Pads

» Spare promotional pens
» Calculator
» Stapler
» Scissors
» Paper Clips
» Rubber Bands
Other Useful Tips:
Dress with comfort in mind, although keep a professional appearance.
Make sure your product knowledge is up to date, if you don’t know, say you will check and reply to them soon.
Don’t leave your stand unattended for too long, instead of one long break, take a few smaller breaks. Be wary of product theft while your stand is unattended.
Customer leads are why you are there, keep a list of leads, or have a folder / container for the business cards you will collect , sometimes you can rent a scanner from the trade show organizer
Follow up your leads, as soon as possible after the show, build a relationship.

With your trade show giveaways, it is a good idea to have some low cost trade show items for general hand outs, and perhaps some more expensive items to give to those customers who you think have more potential , and also some more expensive items to give to existing customers, make sure you keep the better items out of view.

Be proactive and friendly , and start up a conversation with people , as they approach your booth. Work out want you want to say first ( and don’t forget to listen to them ), and if they are not suitable leads, then have a courteous exit strategy , or if they need to get a large amount of detail from you, then perhaps make an appointment for a later time, when you can discuss their needs in more detail, obtain an overview of their business and their needs / current purchases , so you can offer some immediate solutions for them, during your next meeting.

Sometimes hiring temporary promotions staff to hand out brochures and trade show giveaways , or product demonstrators can be a great help , and it can help create an interesting ‘’buzz’’ around your booth.

Maybe even offer a trade show special deal ( limited time frame ) for visitors to your booth, this can also be used to entice existing customers to visit your booth during the trade show.

After the trade show is finished, think of ways you can make your next trade show even better.

Make sure you have some conference gifts, and conference giveaways, with your logo on them, to give to attendees, it will make sure you are remembered, long after the convention. Some popular custom printed items are… bottled water, lollies, mints, carry bags, pens, post it notes, keyrings, fridge magnets, and many more, contact us and we will provide a list that will suit your needs, customer demographic, and budget.

P.S.    Enjoy the show


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