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Some examples of the various promotional keyrings and custom keyrings, and custom lapel pins manufacturer styles below.
antique.jpg Antique
This style is to make the metal look like it has an aged look, and it has a brushed light and dark effect, it comes in metal colours of silver, brass, and copper.
pewter.jpg Pewter
Pewter is made from a mould, and they produce an attractive finish, which is polished. Excellent for 3D designs.
die-cast.jpg Die cast
Zinc alloy can be double side moulded metal, is great for intricate design classy custom keyrings, which can have hand filled colours and epoxy coating, or hard enamels added, to various plating options.
hard-enamel.jpg Hard enamel
This is one of the oldest styles of lapel pin badges manufacturer styles. It allows for very vibrant colours, achieved by using glass powder, as opposed to enamel paints.
It takes longer to make, and it is more expensive to produce, but if you are looking for the best, this is it.
imitation-enamel.jpg Imitation enamel
This method produces a very beautiful finish, and offers a great choice of decoration colours, including your specified company colours. It looks like hard enamel, but with less cost, great for promotional keyrings.
offset-print.jpg Offset print
This method can be used for full colour designs, and shaded parts of a design, and it can reproduce fine details, it is a versatile low cost method.
photo-etch.jpg Photo etch
is very popular, it suits small intricate details, and is made by a chemical etch method, which is then filled with colours, baked and then polished, and epoxy coated, it is also a low cost method.
printed-kr-ss.jpg Print on stainless
Your design is directly screen printed onto a stainless steel base in full colour, and it can colour match your design colours. Available also with bright gold and silver finishes. Excellent for small details in a design, and it is a very low cost and attractive manufacture method.
sandblast-polish.jpg Sandblast polish
This is a style moulded without colour, in various metal finish choices like gold, silver etc. The background is a matte finish, and the raised design is polished, giving the product a classy appearance. They can also be made to appear to have an aged look if required, in metal finishes like copper, pewter, brass etc. Used a lot for promotional keyrings.
stamped-paint-epoxy.jpg Stamped metal enamel paint / epoxy
The most popular or classic style, and what most people think of with regards to a custom keyrings maker product. It can have an epoxy coating or not, depending on your preference, although the majority of the Australia made orders have the epoxy coating, because it protects the colours in the badge, and gives them a more lustrous appearance. Colours are done in soft enamel paints by hand fill, within elevated metal borders, there are also raised and sunken metal areas in the moulding. Available in a choice of metal finishes, including antique look. Any shapes are available. Suitable for spot colours.
cut-keyring.jpg Cut out
Is the art of creating a design, by cutting away metal around your logo or design, leaving just your core image or name. This looks different and eye catching.
picto.png Picto
The advantage of this style, is they have the quickest delivery time. The design is printed on a special film, which is then fitted into a choice of standard shape metal frames. Then covered with an epoxy coating to protect the print. They are a full colour print process, and are good for intricate designs.
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We have many decades of industry knowledge, and can advise you of the best choices, to make a great looking product. Once an order is placed, our artist and mould makers will do free art mock ups for your approval, prior to commencing production, and on some orders we can provide a pre production sample, of your actual product design, so you can touch and see the finished design. We are a custom lapel pins maker, and Custom keyrings manufacturer, although we also offer many metalware products, all manufactured to the very best standard within the industry, and we have made an incredible amount of them over the decades. As you can see from the below styles, there are many custom lapel pins maker methods to choose from. Some of the main manufacturer considerations are... your budget, delivery time frame, and the design you wish to have put on them. Custom keyrings have been one of the most popular metalware products for many decades, because of their large logo area, and their handy use of keeping your keys together, and because of this promotional keyrings are used every day, letting your brand get noticed a lot, by your customers. Gyms, nightclubs, hotels and many others sometimes put on bar code on them, for customer information, and a where to send them return address if lost, they can also be individually numbered. Regarding custom lapel pins maker styles, there are many purposes, including corporate, product releases, promotions, years of service, celebrating a special event, as a retail sale item, and for clubs, schools and political parties to name just a few.

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