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Promotional Calendars Custom Printed

A beautiful promotional gift that you can give to valued clients and customers are wall and desktop calendars. These beautiful promotional calendars are 100% Australian owned and made and come in a variety of themes including Australian Discovery, Nightscapes, Sports Cars, Imagination, Beach Scenes and more. Alternatively, we can design your own personalised calendar to your design and requirements, and we can use your choice of professional photos on them.

Our Custom Printed Calendars can come in either 1 month, or 2 month view per page depending on your preference. Your company's branding and logo will be added to each page of the calendar which makes it a perfect marketing promotion with all year around usage. With inspirational scenes and scenes of tranquillity, your calendar gift will make the recipient smile every day, while being reminded of your company.

Stand Out Promotions has been assisting their clients with creating beautiful and unique promotional calendars for over 30 years. If you have any questions about what type of calendar best suits your needs then contact us today. We would be pleased to assist you.

Promotional Calendar Tips

Depending on your demographic, you may want to use our range of smaller desktop promotional calendars, as they are a great option for office workers. Because of their small profile, they are a perfect desk accessory and are easy to read and will come in very handy for marking important dates and events. However, if your clients work in workshops, factories, warehouses or high-traffic areas like a doctor's surgery, you will likely be better off with a full size promotional calendar. Of course, this is just one consideration - the imagery you choose for your calendar is just as important. We have many customers who order Custom Printed Calendars year after year, and some have forgotten to order them sometimes, and they had their customers, calling them to see if they had sent the calendars out yet, so it just goes to show, how much some customers use and appreciate them.

The steps to purchasing Custom Printed Calendars is to choose the style, either wall mount or desk style etc, then the size and layout then the theme of pictures or scenery, and of course the logo or message you want printed on them, and the quantity required.


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